Old Junk Furniture Removal and Disposal

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Old Junk Furniture Removal and Disposal

Tired of looking at that nasty old sofa? Cleaning-out beat-up bed-frames and bureaus for a bedroom renovation? Does the kitchen table look like leftover turkey dinner? Whatever the case may be you want to get that old junk furniture out of your sight and off your property. If you’re in the greater Winnipeg area or nearby district you’ve found the solution. Let’s review.

Why Winnipeg Chooses Our Service to Pickup, Remove, and Dispose of Old Unwanted Furniture

No Furniture is Off-Limits

Some removal services will only take certain types of furniture and/or will charge significantly more based on the type. Not Affordable Junk. We will pickup and dispose of ALL categories of furniture. We whisk away sofas and chairs, heavy bookcases and shelving units, desks and tables, bed frames and soiled (we won’t ask) mattresses, and all other furnishings you want to get out of the house and off the lawn or back alley asphalt. The dimensions, weight, or outright disrepair does not matter to us. We have the crew, vehicles, bins, and machinery required to get the job done fast.

We’ll Take the Other Junk Too

When people begin to purge old furniture they get inspired to rid themselves of other hoarded items. However, most dedicated furniture removal services won’t take anything else beyond that. This puts you in a tough spot if you’ve already earmarked (physically or mentally/emotionally) other items that you want to get rid of in the process. This is why Winnipeg chooses our junk removal service. We don’t care if there are any last minute surprises, as we can take loads of all shapes and sizes. That means in addition to your old furniture you are free to add other items to your quarter, half, or full load as you may upgrade as required – just let us know ahead of time. In many cases the extras may already fit in the initial bin/load.

What do we mean by other items? EVERYTHING. From old portable basketball hoops and scrapped holiday season decor to kitchen/bathroom renovation waste and concrete blocks we take it ALL. Still unsure? Just ask – call 204.222.2333.

Most Affordable Rates for Efficient Service

For the professional, friendly, efficient, and full service that we provide we are the most cost effective solution for junk furniture removal and disposal in Winnipeg. We are so affordable that every one from tuition-strapped college students to fixed income seniors choose our service. View our junk removal prices, rates, and get an estimate here.

Get rid of your old junk furniture today.

Call 204.222.2333

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