Affordable Junk offers Greater Winnipeg commercial property owners, leaseholders, and developers with a more efficient waste and scrap removal service.

Types of Commercial Properties We Accommodate

Armed with a fleet of trucks, dumpsters, and waste bins along with a professional and experienced crew we can accommodate the needs of any commercial property. We service the following categories and more:

Debris Removal for Commercial Construction / Demolition

Commercial construction and demolition projects create a lot of debris. When left unattended it presents a significant safety risk and creates an obstacle to site completion. We have heavy duty 15 cubic yard, 20 cubic yard, and concrete dumpsters which are placed on site (as applicable) via a “roll-off” truck. Our crew will load up debris and haul it away, ready to return when you need us again.

Debris Removal for Commercial Renovations

Commercial renovations needs to be completed on time and within budget so that you can return to revenue-generating operations. When waste and debris are allowed to collect your renovation is hampered and you may not be open for business any time soon. Alternatively, you may need to keep your commercial space open throughout the renovation, which makes frequent junk removal critical not only to aesthetics but for the safety of contractors, staff, customers/clients, and the general public alike.

We Haul It All

Brick, concrete, drywall, and assorted commercial construction, renovation, and relocation waste will be collected and hauled away with ease. We will also pick up old and/or damaged equipment, furnishings, packaging, and products as needed. There isn’t a commercial project that we can’t accommodate. And don’t forget, we serve the entire Greater Winnipeg area, including many of the commercial districts.

Have Any Commercial Junk Removal Problems?

Our experts will solve them in no time.



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