Affordable Junk offers Greater Winnipeg homeowners, renters, and property managers with a more efficient waste and scrap removal service.

Types of Residences We Accommodate

Our professional team along with a fleet of trucks, dumpsters, and waste bins allows us to accommodate the needs of any residential property, no matter how challenging the logistics for accessing entryways may be. That’s our problem to solve, not yours. We service the following types of residences:

Junk Removal for Residential Relocations

Moving is stressful. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could simply pile up junk where it’s most convenient and let someone else collect it and haul it all away? We agree. With years of experience in household re locations we deliver peace of mind to individuals, couples, and families all over the Greater Winnipeg area. Focus on moving your valued possessions while we get rid of the waste.

Scrap Removal for Residential Renovations

The end result of a home renovation is the exciting payoff, but the road to completion has many painful obstacles. Don’t let waste and debris created along the way be one of them. We will come to your property and remove renovation rubble at any point, whether you need us halfway Keyword Search Volume residential junk removal winnipeg < 100 residential junk removal 10-100 residential debris removal 10-100 residential scrap metal pick up 10-100 through, at the end, or both. We will take away piles of drywall, pick up scrap metal, and everything in between.

Waste Removal for Residential Landscaping Projects

Residential landscaping projects create a lot of yard waste as brush, bushes, stones, stumps, and trees are upheaved to make room for new landscape design. You may also be tearing out outdoor patios, sheds, walkways, and fencing in the process. Collectively this creates a lot of debris that must be promptly removed so that the project can move forward. We will gather it all up and ensure that landscaping waste is sustainably managed (i.e. for composting, etc.).

We Take It All

You may be wondering what a residential junk removal service will and won’t take. Our competitors have many restrictions, which only solves a part of your problem. Alternatively, Affordable Junk can take whatever you have to throw out. From old patio furniture and busted swing sets to malfunctioning appliances and soiled mattresses we will take it all. And don’t forget, we serve the entire Greater Winnipeg area.

Have Any Residential Junk Removal Problems?

Our experts will solve them in no time.



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