Removing the Ghosts of Christmas Past

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Removing the Ghosts of Christmas Past

The 12th Day of Christmas officially passed yesterday (January 5) making today the one that most trees and decorations finally come tumbling down. But the end of the Holiday season creates quite the headache for many households across Winnipeg as a hoard of junk is generated. This is where our scrap removal service comes to the rescue. Below is a breakdown of the Christmas waste that commonly accumulates at the end of the season and how we will whisk it away for you.

Common Holiday Season Scrap That Affordable Junk Will Take Away for Households Throughout the Greater Winnipeg Area

Natural Christmas Trees, Wreaths, and Garland

Natural trees, wreaths, and garland are the first things to get tossed as there is a shelf-life to these perishable decorative items. Who has time to wait for composting services who may or may not pickup back alley trees (etc.) along with your dedicated bin? Instead, Affordable Junk will come at your call and take away your decaying greenery and ensure it’s disposed of responsibly.

Artificial Trees, Wreaths, and Garland

Has your artificial Christmas tree seen better days? Are the lights burned out and PVC plastic needles falling away with each set-up and take-down? It’s time to give them the heave-ho-ho-ho before Santa’s next arrival. We will pick up old artificial tress, wreaths, and garland and dispose of the dilapidated plastics in a sustainable fashion.

Retired Lawn Decor

Has a hole been punctured in your blow-up Holiday season lawn decor? Have the fan systems broken down? Have the stakes to keep them propped up broken in harsh Winnipeg weather? There’s no point repairing them, especially when season end sales allow you to replace them at a much lower cost. Instead, leave them for us to pickup.

Temporary Holiday Entertaining Furniture

Most households have to buy temporary-use (i.e. patio) furniture when having guests over for Holiday season diner and drinks. But at the end of the season they have no need to keep this plastic waste on site. Fret not, just toss them in the back and call us to pick it all up.

Old Toys and Recreational Gear

Christmas comes with a wave of new gifts, replacing old toys (slides, dollhouses, playlets, etc.) and broken recreational gear (bikes, workout equipment, etc.) that your household can no longer use. This scrap is often large, cumbersome, and heavy, but our crew and fleet of bins can manage it with ease.

Old Winter/Snow Tires

Many households pick up and travel on the Trans Canada Highway to visit family during the Holidays (in all years but 2020, that is). This puts your snow tires to task, and at the conclusion of your winter road trip the treads have run their course. You will need to dispose of them for safety sake alone. Once again you have a partner is this need as Affordable Junk will pick up your old snow tires and dispose of them in a responsible manner.

Affordable Junk will remove the above ghosts of Christmas past. Just give us a call at 204.222.2333 and we’ll put our elves and sleighs to work for YOU.

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