How to Dispose of an Old Portable Basketball Hoop and Pole

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How to Dispose of an Old Portable Basketball Hoop and Pole

The NBA Playoffs are upon us which only serves as a reminder about that old portable basketball hoop that is taking up space in your driveway or back alley. While your household may have enjoyed endless summer evenings making last second shots before the dinner bell, its time has come to pass. The hoop and pole no longer stand tall and you don’t have the patience to repair them. Since there are no takers on Craigslist and Kijiji it’s time to look at removal from your property. But without a truck or proper place for disposal what are you to do? If you’re in the greater Winnipeg area then you’re all set with Affordable Junk. Keep reading!

4 Reasons Why You Should Use Our Winnipeg Junk Removal Service to Pick Up and Dispose of Your Old Portable Basketball Hoop

No Disassembly Required 

Don’t want to break things off with your once beloved portable basketball hoop on bad terms? Unfortunately that’s what will happen if you have to disassemble it for pickup. Most junk removal companies in Winnipeg require that, but we don’t. Just leave your hoop and pole system right where it is and we’ll come scoop it up for prompt removal. You don’t have to lift a finger aside from the ones you use to take one more shot before it’s gone for disposal.

We Will Take Other Stuff Too

Since you’re getting rid of that old portable basketball hoop you’re already thinking about what else you can remove from your carport, garage, and backyard. We have the fleet of dumpsters and bins to fill to the brim with whatever it is you desire to toss away. From deflated basketballs and old hockey nets to slides and swing sets, there’s nothing that we can’t pickup and remove from your property. Here’s a list of the types of things we take. Unsure? Just call us at 204.222.2333 to ask!

Most Cost Efficient Portable Basketball Hoop Removal and Disposal Option

With some companies is can cost almost as much to remove an old portable basketball hoop as what it cost you to buy it in the first place. How does that make any sense? It doesn’t. Thankfully, Affordable Junk lives by our name. We have the most efficient yet cheapest junk removal service in the city. View our junk removal prices, right here.

Responsible Disposal

It may seem like such a waste to throw away an old portable basketball hoop just because it is in poor working condition and/or you simply don’t use it anymore. With Affordable Junk you don’t have to feel guilty. We have relationships with local charities, foundations, and community groups. If we feel that your basketball hoop and/or pool can be salvaged (with some basic repairs) and reused for the community or the less fortunate to enjoy, we will donate it accordingly. If not, we will still make sure that the metals and plastics used in construction will be recycled in a responsible fashion. 

Call Affordable Junk at 204.222.2333 to pick up and remove that old portable basketball hoop from your driveway, carport, alley, or yard today.

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