Sorry, Nobody Wants Your Stuff (except us)

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Sorry, Nobody Wants Your Stuff (except us)

Are you guilty of leaving old furniture, toys, appliances, and recreational wares in the back alley of your neighborhood in the hopes that someone will consider it treasure and whisk it away? Does this seem like a perfect solution for getting rid of unwanted things without having to take on the cost or effort of disposal on your own? Sorry, but nobody wants your stuff.

It doesn’t matter if you wrote a nice note with big bold letters to spell out FREE on the top. If it’s been sitting out there for more than two days the ship has already sailed. Again, nobody wants your stuff. 

Is it time to consider an alternative? Or should you wait another few days? Nope. The time to act is now. Here’s why you should have your junk removed by a professional right away.

4 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Junk Removal Service Instead of Trying to Give Your Old Stuff Away

You May Get Fined

The City of Winnipeg and its greater area municipalities have strict bylaws in place about leaving junk in the alleys and on curbsides, even if for a day. Your attempt to cut the cost of junk pickup and disposal via a “giveaway” can end up costing you more in fines. Think the City won’t notice? Your neighbors will, and they are one anonymous tip away from costing you some hard earned money. More on your neighbors, below.

Your Neighbors Are Just too Nice to Say Anything (but…)

Frank, John, Karen, or Sally may not say anything when they see you haul that old table into a shared alley. In fact, they may even smile and drop a somewhat patronizing “Wow, that’s a great deal” about your free goodies. But in reality, it burns them up inside. They are simply too nice and/or uncomfortable to ask that you not litter the alley or curb with what is ultimately junk. Do them a favor and have it removed.

You May Start an Unwelcome Trend

On the flip side (of the above) your neighbors may end up joining you. That’s not a good thing. 

All it takes is one old vacuum cleaner in the alley to instigate a wave of neighbors following suit. All of a sudden there are old soiled sofas, rusty BBQs, busted-up rattan chairs, uneven shelving units and more, with the words FREE scribbled on them in Sharpie ink. And their junk will be much more “junky” than yours. You will have created a monster, inviting local hoarders and ne’er-do-wellers to frequent your community and rifle through your new back alley marketplace. Don’t let this happen – have your junk removed.

It’s Cheaper and Easier Than You Think

We absolutely understand why you’re leaving stuff in the back alley with the hopes that someone will take it off your hands. You’re concerned about the cost and effort of removal and disposal. When you consider most junk removal services in Winnipeg it’s a fair concern. However, when it comes to Affordable Junk you will enjoy the lowest cost (view prices),  most efficient, and friendly junk removal service around. Find out for yourself by calling 204.222.2333.

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