Junk Removal for Businesses

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Junk Removal for Businesses

Wherever in (and around) the city you are, we’re here for you

There are a number of junk removal applications for businesses. They include debris removal due to commercial construction or renovations, or simply for waste generation that comes from weekly operations. You can view more on these commercial applications here

However, this article is not about why you need junk removal. You already know that you need it. Instead, you want to know why our junk removal business is the best and only option for you. Here’s it is.

3 Reasons Why Your Winnipeg Area Business Should Choose Affordable Junk for Your Scrap Removal Needs

Because You Need to Protect Your Bottom Line 

While junk removal is an essential service, the nature of the need doesn’t indicate a disregarding of cost efficiency. You require premium service without hurting your bottom line, especially as the province comes out of challenging economic times. Affordable Bins provides exactly that. Our name says it all, but our rates speak volumes – view junk removal rates to compare.

Don’t see a quote that applies to your specific needs? Unsure of how it may apply to your situation? Simply contact us directly to get a FREE estimate.

Because Your Business is Not Exactly in the City

There are of course other junk removal services for businesses in Winnipeg. But most don’t venture out of their postal code limits and therefore neglect to consider how Canada’s central city has spawned growth unlike any other metropolis. 

Fret not, because Affordable Junk is not just Winnipeg’s top scrap removal provider, we are also here for the businesses within the designated towns and hamlets surrounding the city. From Anola to Warren Manitoba our team along with our fleet of junk removal vehicles, dumpsters, and machinery (craning systems, etc.) will come to you and remove the waste (and headache!) from your commercial property. View our service area to see if your Southern Manitoba business qualifies for junk pickup.

Because Your Junk is Not-so-Typical

Many businesses are concerned about junk removal because their collection of waste, scrap, and debris is not quite typical. We’re not here to judge. Instead, we’ll take whatever you have off of your hands without asking questions beyond where and when you want us to pick it all up. No matter the wear and tear, disrepair, size, weight, dimensions, or downright embarrassing scenario we are here for commercial and industrial businesses alike. View more on what we can remove from your business’ property

We hope we addressed your questions and concerns above. That said, the best way to gain confidence is to give us a ring for a friendly noncommittal conversation. Call us directly at 204.222-2333 to find out what we will do for you.

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