Community and Neighborhood Junk Removal

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Community and Neighborhood Junk Removal

Tired of seeing this in your own neighborhood?

Are you and your neighbors tired of stepping out into the back alleys and lanes of your community to find that certain people have left their junk strewn about? Some don’t dispose of it in the appropriate receptacles which means the City of Winnipeg won’t pick it up. Others plop toys, furnishings, and appliances out there in hopes that someone else will deem it a treasure and whisk it away. Sorry, but the Canadian Pickers are NOT combing through the neighborhood any time soon – nobody wants that junk.

What are you and your respectable community members to do? Take matters into your own hands by hiring Affordable Junk to take care of it for all of you. Here’s what you need to know

4 Reasons Why You Should Call Affordable Junk When Your Neighborhood and Community Has Become Overrun with Scrap and Garbage

The City Isn’t Doing Anything About It

You’ve made the calls to City Hall to no avail. They either have a backlog of “to dos” on their agenda or their hands are tied by red tape. Whatever the case (excuses) may be the City has not been able to solve the problem.

Instead, you need to take matters into your hands. Go door to door and talk to everyone else who is impacted by (and tired of seeing) the waste that others are leaving in their wake. Once you reach an agreement reach out to Affordable Junk and we’ll take care of the mess. Keep reading.

We’re More Affordable Than The Rest

You had preferred that the City take care of the alley, lane, and road cleanup by putting your taxpayer money to good use. But since that isn’t happening any time soon you are left with no other recourse. Thankfully it’s a LOT cheaper than you think, at least when you choose Affordable Junk. While we have the best junk removal service in Winnipeg, we also have the most cost efficient solution around. That said, you don’t want to take the cost on all on your own. This is a community cleanup after all. Pool a few dollars together from participating households and you won’t even feel the pinch in your wallet. View our rates to see for yourself.

It’s Not Sanitary to do it On Your Own

You’re fed up, and may be tempted to set aside a Saturday or Sunday, pull your (or your neighbor’s) pickup out of the driveway and drive through the alley to collect and dispose of the junk at your local scrap yard. That was a viable option last year, but not anymore. Because of the health crisis you have to sanitize your hands after picking up products at your local grocer – so how the heck can you safely pick up other people’s garbage, scrap, and junk? It isn’t (and never has been) a sanitary thing to do. Keep your hands clean and leave the dirty work to our professionally trained team.

It’s Good for the Community 

You care about your community which is why you’re looking for a junk removal solution in the first place. By taking action together with other households that feel the same you are taking a giant leap towards the betterment of your community. Taking the initiate to have the junk removed creates a safer environment for everyone within, especially the kids who use the back alleys and pathways as impromptu playgrounds, hockey rinks, and b-ball courts. Having the junk moved also enhances overall curb appeal of all homes in the neighborhood. Doing so can even help enhance property values and how outsiders perceive your community. The latter is important when you want to attract desirable households to come through to view properties for sale.

Affordable Junk gets it. We’re a family run business with longstanding relationships throughout the Greater Winnipeg area and beyond. Simply put we’re not like other junk removal services in Winnipeg. Our staff is clean-cut, professional, courteous, friendly, and ready to help you clean up your community.

All you need to do is pickup the phone and call us at 204.222.2333 or complete the form found here.

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