Scrap Wood Removal and Pickup Winnipeg

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Scrap Wood Removal and Pickup Winnipeg

Got wood? Too much of it? Whether you’re in the middle of, or have just completed a demolition, renovation, or new construction project you’re left with a pile of scrap wood. Unless you’ve got a blueprint for an epic treehouse in mind you probably want to get rid of the tumbling stack of timber and lumber as soon as possible. If you’re located in the greater Winnipeg area you’ve found the solution. Keep reading.

Why Winnipeg Homeowners, Builders, and Contractors Turn to Affordable Junk for Efficient Pickup and Removal of Scrap Lumber and Timber

No Pile Too Big

It’s easy enough to find someone to pickup a small pile of wood from your space. It’s the large loads that you’re worried about. This is not an issue for our scrap removal service. We have the fleet of vehicles, dumpster bins, and machinery, which are fueled by a strong, hardworking, and professional staff. We can manage wood scrap loads of all shapes and sizes, from a stack of 4x4s to a gigantic tree trunk that must be uprooted from a property.

No Matter What It’s Attached To

Not all wood scrap comes out of your residential or commercial property in a neat pile. Some of it has embedded nails, screws, and other metals. Some it is attached to furnishing. Some it is drenched in oils or other solvents. Some of it may be ridden with termites and other forms of infestation. Just give us a heads up for what to expect and we’ll take care of the rest. When working with us, it’s simply not your problem anymore.

Most Cost Efficient Solution

For the premium service we offer wee have Winnipeg’s most cost efficient wood pickup and removal service. View our rates here.

Responsible Disposal

After over a decade of being in the construction, renovation, and scrap removal business our management team has the relationships in place to dispose of the scrap timber in a responsible manner. We find ways for it to be sustainably reused and repurposed – connecting with local area carpenters and others who work magic with reclaimed wood. Some of it will be chipped for composting and/or repurposed for creating landscape covers and more. When working with Affordable Junk your scrap wood will go to a “good home”.

Contact Affordable Junk today to schedule pickup and removal for your scrap lumber, timber, and whatever else you need removed from your Winnipeg area property. We take it all!

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