Storage Facility Junk Removal

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Storage Facility Junk Removal

Shows like Storage Wars and Storage Hunters may make it seems like there’s a lot of treasure within abandoned units of storage facilities, but 90% of it ends up in a junk pile. Further adding to the heap, are items that renters decide they no longer want when clearing out their units. Then there are the things that they have damaged after cramming more stuff onto their already over-compressed pile. Lastly, there are the boxes – crumbled, crumpled, ripped, and sometimes soaked stacks of cardboard.

The moral of this little dialogue, is that storage facilities end up with a TON of junk. Some facilities clean-house once a year, some semi-annually, and some monthly. What should you do with that mound of scrap when you do? If your facility is located in the Greater Winnipeg area, simply contact Affordable Junk Removal. Here’s why.

Why Winnipeg Storage Facilities Should Choose Us to Get Rid of Damaged Items and Abandoned/Unwanted Scrap


Every storage facility has pages of stories to account for the odd things that they find in abandoned units. Old taxidermied creatures, artificial limbs, boxes of doll heads, and so forth. You name it, it has been forsaken upon hapless storage facility staff. Of course, most of the scrap is broken furniture, out-of-business office equipment, conked out car parts, misfit Christmas decor, recreational gear in disrepair, scrap metal, scrap wood, stacks of half-empty paint cans, and so on.

The last thing you and your staff want to do is sort through it all. You don’t have the time to figure out what is salvageable and recyclable, and what is actual junk. Fret not, because we will come at your beckon call, pick it up, remove it from your facility, and do all of the responsible waste management for you. We have the staff, vehicles, equipment, and dumpster bins to handle all junk loads. Just call 204-222-2333.

We Offer the Most Cost Efficient Service in Town

Getting rid of junk on a regular basis can put a real dent in your commercial enterprise’s bottom line. But it doesn’t have to. Not only does Affordable Junk Removal offer a full pickup, removal, and responsible disposal service, we do so in the most cost efficient manner within service area limits. View storage junk removal costs, or simply contact us at 204-222-2333 to discuss your current and/or ongoing needs. We’ll work something out that accommodates your budget.

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