Junk Car Removal Winnipeg

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Junk Car Removal Winnipeg

If there is one type of scrap that causes the most hassle for property owners, it’s a jalopy. Some are restoration projects that owners cannot afford to complete or have simply lost interest in. Others have been abandoned on the “side of the road” which just so happens to be on or adjacent to one’s land. Whatever the case may be you are charged with getting a junk car removed as soon as possible. If located in the greater Winnipeg area, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s why.

Why Winnipeg Area Property Owners Choose Affordable Junk to Pickup and Remove Scrap Cars

We’ll Take It No Matter the Condition

Rat infested under the hood? Perched on concrete blocks instead of wheels? More rust than paint? Looks like it rolled down a cliff before landing in a gully? We don’t care what the condition of the scrap car is, nor do we care how it got that way (we don’t ask questions), as we will remove it (and all memory of it) from your property as soon as you call. It’s that simple.

We’ll Scoop Up the Parts Too

Junk cars are rarely “complete”, as their parts are often spilling out and on to the property, creating an eyesore and hazard for all who frequent the lot, yard, garage, or other area. From torn out engines and transmissions to axels and bench seats we with collect them, place the vehicle scrap in our receptacles, and whisk them away.

We Have to Equipment, Vehicles, and Crew to Get the Job Done

There is a reason Affordable Junk can “remove it all” when it comes to abandoned and unwanted automobiles. We have the equipment, machinery, vehicles, and crew needed to take on projects for even the most rural of Winnipeg area properties. We know that every scenario is different. For instance, a scrap car may only be accessible via a crane. Or, you may require a more than one dumpster to gather up parts from numerous vehicles in a junkyard. You may also need a roll-on roll-off flatbed, and/or a large crew to manage big auto removal jobs. It really doesn’t matter what it is, Affordable Junk is up for the challenge.

We Are the Most Cost Efficient Junk Car Removal Service

For the professional and efficient service provided, you won’t find a more cost efficient option in Winnipeg. View our junk car removal rates here or feel free to call us for a custom estimate.

We Remove Scrap Cars from Outside of the Winnipeg Area Too

Is your property located outside of Winnipeg city limits? Don’t worry, you don’t have the Fred Flintstone your way over to Winnipeg to get the vehicle/s to us. Affordable Junk has a wider service area (Anola, Selkirk, etc.) than other scrap removal services in Winnipeg.

Get That Unwanted Car Off Your Property

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