Community Garden Junk Removal

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Community Garden Junk Removal

At press (autumn) community gardens and urban farms throughout the greater Winnipeg area are being harvested while organizers are preparing for the long autumn and winter to come. A lot of effort goes into this seasonal transition, and a lot of scrap is created in the process. We don’t just mean compostable waste from pulled crops, but all of the other odds and ends that pile up. In addition, the groundwork for next planting season’s urban gardening spaces are being established as we speak, and planners need to transform properties which creates hoards of rubbish. What can you do with all of the waste that can’t be put back into the plot for composting or repurposing? Have it removed by Winnipeg’s scrap removal expert, Affordable Junk.

Why Choose Affordable Junk for Winnipeg Area Community Garden Scrap Removal

Because Not All Scrap Can Go Back Into The Garden

As mentioned above, not all of the waste generated when developing, redeveloping, or updating a community farm can be used for composting and mulching. If removing boulders and tearing down old sheds along other constructs to make room for planting beds, public pathways, and other things to support your project, then you need a junk removal expert that will take anything and everything. Here are some common urban garden planning problems that we will remove for you:

We can take it all (and more) because we have the professional crew and equipment (vehicles, dumpsters, cranes) to manage any load, and no matter how inaccessible your farming plots may seem to be.

Responsible Removal and Disposal

Sustainability is the root of all community farming projects. As an organizer, planner, and/or volunteer you need peace of mind that the scrap being removed from your outdoor space will be disposed of in a responsible manner. Affordable Junk has the community relationships in place to ensure that the waste is allocated towards composting, repurposing, and recycling wherever possible.

Most Cost Efficient Junk Removal Service

As an urban gardening planner you are working with a limited budget, depending upon government grants and support from foundations. You need to keep costs low, without sacrificing efficiency. Affordable Junk is the solution you’re looking for, as for the professional level of service we provide you will not find a more cost efficient junk removal service in Winnipeg. View rates here.

Wider Service Area

Most other Winnipeg junk removal services stick to the city limits. But we know that a number of farming projects thrive in nearby townships and rural communities. In response, our service extends to garden plots from Anola to Selkirk and almost everywhere in between. View our junk removal service area.

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