Junk Removal for Disabled Persons

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Junk Removal for Disabled Persons

Homeowners living with physical limitations have to navigate a number of challenges on their property. While accessibility upgrades greatly improve quality of life around the home, managing the junk that accumulates after a renovation, relocation, or seasonal cleanup can be a real pain. Don’t leave the task to yourself, or friends/family. Instead, let Winnipeg’s go-to residential scrap removal company alleviate your burden. Below is a breakdown of why Affordable Junk is your best option for making junk disappear from your property.

Why Homeowners Living With Physical Challenges Choose Affordable Junk for Their Scrap Removal Needs

Got It, Don’t Want It? We’ll Take It!

This goes out to everyone and anyone within and outside of Winnipeg city limits. Affordable Junk will take anything away from your property and dispose of it responsibly.

Did you recently invest in a home renovation to make your bathroom, kitchen, and indoor/outdoor living spaces more accessible? We’ll pickup and take away those old countertops, metal and piping, wood from your old deck, and leftover bricks and concrete from pathways installations in addition to traditional household scrap such as broken furniture, bookcases, and pretty much anything else. Got it, but don’t want it? We’ll take it all!

We Make It Easy

Whether you’re not physically able to take junk away from your property or your simply don’t want to be bothered with the task is beside the point. You want your scrap removal to be managed with ease, which again, is what we’re here for. We have the staff, vehicles, dumpster bins, and equipment/machinery to more efficiently take care of your load. We can come in and carry out larger and more complicated to items from within your home, or you or family member can toss items into a pile in your backyard and we’ll take care of the rest.

What if you reside just outside of the Winnipeg area? Fret not, as we have expanded our service to include a broader range of communities. View our service area.

We’re VERY Affordable

We didn’t choose the name “Affordable Junk” because it’s catchy (it really isn’t). It’s to be taken literally. For the superior, professional, and friendly (more on this below) service we offer there is simply no more cost efficient means to have scrap picked up and removed from your home. Our prices are set to make junk removal accessible to everyone! View junk removal prices and get an estimate here.

We’re Actually Really Nice People

Through life you have probably some across some real jerks. You may have had a bad experience with an ignorant schmuck this week in a parking lot or in line at your local grocer. The last thing you want is to invite the same onto your own property. Traditionally (and unfortunately) the junk removal industry hasn’t been the best when it comes to treating people (all people!) with courtesy and respect. Companies would (and some still do) hire staff based on how much they can pickup and lift, and could care less about them having an uplifting personality. Affordable Junk doesn’t subscribe to such an antiquated notion. Our staff has been carefully selected not just to get the job done as efficiently and expediently as possible, but to offer superior customer service. Our crew is not just professional, but exceedingly cordial and compassionate. We are honored to have you choose us for your junk removal, and it’s our mission to show our appreciation. Let’s start with a friendly conversation.

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