Junk Removal for Bricks and Concrete Blocks

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Junk Removal for Bricks and Concrete Blocks

Do you have a heavy duty commercial, industrial, or residential project that involves tearing bricks and/or concrete from walls, pathways or other constructs? Then you need an efficient service that employs a large and sturdy receptacle while offering prompt removal so that you can focus on your construction/renovation project. If located in the greater Winnipeg area, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s review.

Why Winnipeg Builders, Renovators, and Property Owners Choose Affordable Junk for Concrete Block and Brick Removal

Bins and Equipment to Manage the Tonnage

When it comes to construction scrap there is nothing more grueling than managing torn down/out bricks and concrete blocks, slabs, and wedges. They are heavy and create a hazardous obstacle for laborers, contractors, and the heavy machinery being used on the vicinity. Your crew needs access to a receptacle so that the bricks and concrete can be chiseled from the construct and immediately placed into a steel dumpster that can handle the tonnage. Once full, you need it expediently removed from the site so that the nearly immovable bin doesn’t get in the way of project progress and completion.

Affordable Junk affords you the most efficient option for accomplishing this task. We have dedicated concrete dumpsters with a back opening for easier loading. And don’t worry if the building or construct is in a less accessible place (no driveway, etc.) as we also have craning systems that can position and drop the concrete dumpster where needed, and pick it up when the time comes. Alternatively, if the pile of bricks and concrete has already been pulled from the construct and is currently on site we can manage that too. We are Winnipeg’s most efficient and effective junk-rubbish removal for bricks and concrete service.

Best Rates for Taking Away Blocks and Bricks

A heavy duty job doesn’t have to weigh heavy on your budget, at least not when you choose Affordable Junk for brick and concrete rubbish removal. For the quality of service we provide we have the most competitive prices for quarter, half, and full-load dumpster removals. View our rates here.

Is the brick or concrete job more complicated? Simply contact us to discuss your project and get an estimate.

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When You Want and How Often You Need

Convenience (for you) is everything. You can’t have loads of bricks and concrete laying around the site, creating both a hazard and an eyesore. This is especially true if the project is in a commercial or residential zone, where the general public passes by and through a given area. Simply put, you need a rubbish removal service that will show up on site when you need, and whisk the load away as soon as the concrete dumpster is full. And in many cases, you need the emptied bin returned for a subsequent load. Affordable Junk covers all of your bases, even the unanticipated ones. Just gives us a call to find out what we will do for you.

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