Junk Removal for Seniors

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Junk Removal for Seniors

The senior population (this includes you) in the greater Winnipeg area is a treasure. You have put in your time to make Canada’s central city one the greatest communities in the country. And now it’s time to enjoy those well-earned retirement years. For some, it begins with a relocation. For others, a home renovation. In some cases it involves a clean slate to free up space to make room for golden year adventures. Whatever the case may be you need to remove literal clutter from your life, but you’re not interested in renting a pickup and dealing with the junk itself, which is why you need a helping hand. However, there are many junk removal services in the region, and some of them may not be as sensitive to your needs and situation. The good news, is that you’ve already come to the right place. Our service is the preferred junk removal options for seniors in this neck of Southern Manitoba. Here’s why.

Why the Senior Community in Winnipeg Turns to Affordable Junk for Scrap Removal Services

Pension-Friendly Prices

You’re on a fixed income, and while that income may or may not be sufficient to live without financial stress you still demand value from every service you choose. When it comes to junk removal in Winnipeg there is no more cost efficient option than ours. We offer the most competitive rates for the premium service that we provide. View our affordable rate structure here.

Clears Space for Age-in-Place Renovations

A significant sector of the greater Winnipeg Baby Boomer community will be undertaking age-in-place renovations over the next few years. These renovations, retrofits, modifications, and upgrades are done to make the home more livable and safer. It involves pulling out old (and hard to get into) bathtubs, lowering kitchen cabinetry, knocking down walls for easier flow from one part of the home to the next, installing smart light fixtures, and more. Out with the old and in with the new, for you.

All of this allows seniors to stay in the home that they own and have enjoyed for decades. But of course, this process creates a lot of mess prior to completion, and can make living in the home during the renovation impossible. For this reason seniors are using our service in two-stages. To begin with, we’re often brought into clear away unwanted furnishings and hoarded items that have collected over the years. This frees up space for renovation experts to both plan and break ground on upgrades. Then, our service is employed from the moment the project begins, providing a receptacle and removal funnel for old plumbing, bathtubs, sinks, toilets, countertops, cabinets, ripped-out cladding and more. When working with us clutter will never get in the way of your household renovation.

The team at Affordable Junk has expertise in working with contractors on age-in-place renovations. We understand the sensitivities and delicate nuances involved in every part of the process, which is why they (contractors and senior homeowners alike) choose us for renovation-scrap removal in Winnipeg. You’ll want to as well.

We’re Friendly, Professional, and Respectful

We’ll say it again – you’re a treasured part of our community. You’re the building block, the foundation for the life that your kids, grandkids, and local population currently enjoys. Your family values you, your community values you, and we do too! The crew that shows up at your property is friendly, courteous, and professional. Just point us in the direction of what you want gone and we’ll take care of the rest.

We Come When You Need Us

You demand convenience, and don’t have the time nor patience to work around some else’s schedule when they are the ones who work for YOU. Unlike small “mom & pop” operations in town, we have a full crew and fleet of dumpsters, vehicles, and equipment available and ready to manage your load. We also have one of the broadest service areas (view here) which includes everywhere from Anola to Selkirk. Give us a ring at 204-222-2333 for quick response on your junk removal request.

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