Old Countertop Pickup and Removal

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Old Countertop Pickup and Removal

Have you recently removed an old countertop, or plan on doing so for an up and coming kitchen renovation? Getting rid of this heavy kitchen or dining area appendage can be a real burden, but if you’re located in the Greater Winnipeg area we’ve got you covered.

Why Winnipeg Homeowners and Contractors Should Choose Affordable Junk for Pickup and Take-Away of Old Removed Countertops

We Will Take Any Countertop Material

Not every junk removal service in Winnipeg will take any material off of your hands. The weight alone can be problematic for their crew (or lack thereof) or they may not have the means or relationships in place for cost efficient (which gets passed on to you) and responsible disposal. This is not an issue for Affordable Junk. We will take all countertops and accompanying materials, be they fixed to the counter or those that came apart during the removal. This includes the following common and less common countertop constructs:

  • Natural stone – granite, limestone, marble, soapstone, gabbro, slate, etc.
  • Silicate – travertine, quartz, etc.
  • Wood
  • Metals – Stainless steel, copper, zinc, aluminum, etc.
  • Crafted glass
  • Manufactured – concrete, cultured marble, high-pressure laminate, recycled Glass w/concrete or polyester resin binders, terrazzo, tile, etc.
  • Other – anything!

You Call, We Come

Removed countertops are weighty and cumbersome. You can’t just put it on the sidelines or leave it in your alley and hope someone will take it away (as per today’s featured photo). It needs to be picked up and removed when you need it done. You don’t want to wait a week while a local junk removal service tries to fit you into their busy schedule. Again, this is not an issue with Affordable Junk. We have the crew and fleet of trucks and dumpster bins available. All you need to do is call, and we’ll come.

Most Cost Competitive Pickup and Removal in Winnipeg

As detailed above, our scrap removal company runs very efficiently. After years of being in the business we have achieved economies of scale and the cost advantages that come with it. Those cost advantages are passed on to you – our valued clients. View Winnipeg’s most competitive rates for junk removal right here.

Get that old countertop picked up and removed from your property right away. Call 204.222.2333 to let us know your preferred day/time. We service the entire greater Winnipeg area, from Anola to Selkirk, and will pickup your ramshackle counters and anything else that you need gone, including the ol’ kitchen sink!

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