Junk Removal for Chairs

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Junk Removal for Chairs

Is your chair problem a bit bigger than this?

They may have once served as a cushy place to put your tushy but after years of use the wear and tear has rendered them a pain in the rear. But getting rid of them can also be a hassle. If leaving them in the alley in the hopes of having someone scoop them up hasn’t worked as planned, you need to have the eyesore removed right away. If your property is in the Greater Winnipeg area (including the outskirts) we’ve got you covered.

Why Choose Our Junk Removal Service for Getting Rid of Old, Broken, and Unwanted Chairs from Your Greater Winnipeg Area Property

Will Take Residential and Commercial Chair Loads

Whether you have a big and no longer functioning lounger at home or you manage a commercial property with hoards of office or eatery seating we can handle the load. Our junk removal service has a fleet of dumpster bins and vehicles, an always available crew, and disposal solutions that allow us to take on jobs that are big and small. View more on our residential junk removal and commercial junk removal services.

We Take Patio Plastics Too

Junk Removal Chairs

It’s easier to find a junk removal service that will take wooden furnishings and a variety of other materials used in the construction of interior seating. But things get more complicated when it comes to plastic patio chairs, which require responsible scrapping and recycling. As mentioned above, we have the infrastructure in place to dispose of your old plastics in a sustainable manner so that you don’t have to worry about treading on your community’s carbon footprint.

Most Cost Efficient Option

This benefit is right there in our name. Why waste money when throwing away old chairs? Affordable Junk offers the most cost efficient means to getting unwanted seating. View more on our competitive junk removal prices.

Call, We Come

Excuse the pun, but there’s no sitting around when you call for us to come pick up your unwanted chairs. Just toss them in a pile on your property in a convenient spot for prompt pick up, give us a call at 204.222.2333, and we’ll scoop them up and take them away. That’s it.

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