Bookcase / Bookshelf Pick Up & Removal (today)

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Bookcase / Bookshelf Pick Up & Removal (today)

One of the most common household items that you’ll see in the back alley on any given weekend are bookcases and shelving units. They are certainly transient furnishings, being tossed aside as book collections and decorative accessories become too numerous, demanding bigger and/or better looking bookshelves to replace their predecessors. But given their size, City of Winnipeg waste removal won’t whisk them away, and no matter how long you leave the unit out there for the taking, no one wants it. So what are you to do? Call 204-222-2333. Here’s why.

Why Winnipeg Area Residents Should Call Affordable Junk to Pick Up and Remove Old Bookcases and Shelving Units from Their Property

We’re the Most Cost Efficient Junk Removal Service in Winnipeg

While you want to rid your home of the shelving unit you don’t want to spend and arm and a leg to get it done. Luckily you’ve found Affordable Junk. The name says it all, as we’re the most cost efficient scrap removal service in the greater Winnipeg area. View our prices and get an estimate right here.

We’ll Take Other Household Junk Too

Use your bookcase removal as motivation to clear the rest of the clutter from your attic, basement, carport, house, garage, garden shed, and/or yard. We are here to alleviate any hoarding that’s taken place in and around your home over the years. That means you can throw in those other shelved items you no longer need (including VHS tapes, CDs, books, etc.) in addition to old Christmas decorations, appliances, electronics, furnishings, toys, recreational gear, car parts, and whatever else gets in your way. We can remove it all!

We’re Ready When You Are

Need a bookcase picked up today or tomorrow? Unless it’s a major holiday we’re pretty much ready when you are. Better yet, we service the entire greater Winnipeg area, from Anola to Selkirk. Again, just call us at 204-222-2333 and let us know you’re preferred time and we’ll work it out!

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