Junk Removal for...Rocks?

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Junk Removal for...Rocks?

Rethinking your rocky landscape?

While not a traditional form of residential junk, rocks can be just as burdensome, and most certainly heavier to manage. Winnipeg area residents and home contractors alike call upon us for rock removal when undertaking new property construction and landscape design. What sets us a part from the rest when it comes to pickup and getting rid of solid masses of geological material? Let’s find out.

Why Winnipeg Homeowners and Residential Landscapers Choose Affordable Junk for Rock Pile Pick-up and Removal

We Have the Equipment to Manage All Loads

Junk Removal Rocks Winnipeg

Most junk removal companies won’t even think about touching rock removal projects. They simply don’t have the person-power nor equipment to manage it. Affordable Junk on the other hand, has the staff, machinery (including craning systems), vehicles, and most importantly access to large dumpster bins to take on rocky loads of all shapes and sizes. We have a fleet of dedicated concrete dumpsters that are manufactured specifically for large chunks of concrete, brick, and rocks. Whether your exterior build or landscaping project requires the pick-up of many (thousands!) smaller stones, large rocks, of outright boulders we can shoulder the task. Unsure? Just ask. Call us at 204.222.2333 to discuss your specific landscaping scrap project.

Throw-in Other Rubbish Too

Once you’ve excavated unwanted rocks from the property, you’ll find that you’ve piled-up a lot of other rubbish in the process. We’re talking tree stumps, roots, mounds of dirt, brush, branches, bushes, and so much more. Instead of leaving these obstacles spread out about the property, allow is to whisk it all away for you too. Our junk removal rates are based on load, not what it is comprised of, which leads us to the next important benefit of working with Affordable Junk.

Most Cost Efficient Solution

For the professional, quick (call and we come!), and effective service we provide you won’t find a more cost efficient rock pick-up and removal service in this neck of Southern Manitoba. View our load-based rates to find out for yourself.

It’s time to rock an’ roll on your landscaping project. And wherever you are in the Greater Winnipeg area we’re just a stone’s throw away! Contact Affordable Junk for an estimate on your rock pile pick-up and removal needs. We promise to keep the bad puns to a minimum.

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