Backyard Junk Removal

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Backyard Junk Removal

Whether relocating, renovating, or conducting a seasonal cleanup of your home, the first instinct you have is to pile up the scrap in the backyard and deal with it later. But all of a sudden, that pile accumulates to more than you could ever imagine, with a molehill becoming a mountain in a matter of days (or less). Before the neighbors call to complain, your lawn suffers from a lack of oxygen, and the household pet goes missing somewhere in your cavernous hoard, we encourage you to call-in a rubbish removal expert. If located in the Greater Winnipeg area – you know who to call. Here’s why.

Why Winnipeg Homeowners Choose Affordable Junk for Backyard Junk Pickup and Removal

We Take All Hard-goods

If you’re familiar with our Winnipeg junk removal service, then you know that we have established a reputation for taking everything and anything. Our professional and experienced staff has seen it all (the stories we could tell!) and we have the vehicles, equipment, machinery, and facilities to manage any hard-good pickups from your property. We’re talking wood from torn down sheds, car parts and other forms of scrap metal, concrete and brick, old furniture, backyard toys (slides, etc.), busted basketball hoops, replaced countertops, seasonal lawn decor, and so much more. Unless it’s illegal (sorry, but we inspect large rolled-up carpets) there’s nothing we won’t haul away from your yard.

We Take Organic Rubbish Too

Since your scrap pile is in the backyard, you’ve probably taken the opportunity to trim a few hedges, shake a few trees, uproot old stumps, pull weeds, and turn some soil. It doesn’t matter what landscaping scrap you’ve accumulated we will be happy to take that too. Using a separate dumpster bin we will gather your dried-up brush and organic rubbish and take it away for responsible composting. All you need to do it pull it, dig it, and/or chop it and we’ll take care of the rest.

The Most Cost Efficient Solution

For the professional, quick (call and we come!), and effective service we provide you won’t find a more cost efficient backyard junk removal service in Winnipeg. View our rates to see for yourself.

Wide Service Area

Most other Winnipeg junk removal services stick to the city limits. But we do not abandon our nearby neighbors in rural communities. As greater Winnipeg’s community scrap removal service, we extend our service to the backyards of homes from Anola to Selkirk and almost everywhere in between. View our junk removal service area.

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